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Market Development Representative - Ambius - Canada

Market Development Representative - Ambius - Canada

Ambius Canada
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The Market Development Representative serves as the liaison between operations and our house account clients. Specifically, their role includes: • Expand our web of influence in our top accounts (*assigned by DM) • Tie our multiple LOB offerings to client needs and leverage their spend • Schedule named account Holiday each year and facilitate scope of change designs with associated billing





A. Sales Goals: Achieve Base Line Sales Targets (BST) and other objectives


1. Reschedule assigned accounts Holiday clients and facilitate design changes and upsell opportunities. Deliver BST

2. Develop relationships with named accounts to identify opportunities to leverage our LOB for our client's needs. Deliver BST

3. Approach- Use Cornerstone as a sales process targeted to existing customers.

4. Tools- Make effective use of sales tools and product samples.

5. Profitability- Understand the components of profitability in our business and view it as unethical to sell any account without a reasonable profit.


B. Positive Impact: Make a positive impact on all prospects, customers, & colleagues.


1. Enthusiasm- Display enthusiasm and treat all prospects with respect.

2. Appearance- Display professionalism in appearance and mannerisms always.

3. Impact- Sales Literature, sales aids and personal grooming are always neat, clean and fresh looking.

4. Automobile- Automobile is kept neat, clean and in good repair.


C. Sales Knowledge: Maintain proficiency in sales knowledge and translate that knowledge into meaningful prospect benefits as appropriate including core competencies:


1. Products (all Lines of Business)

2. Services and Operations

3. Competitive activities and intelligence. Monitor and anticipate this competitive activity and provide prompt feedback to Manager.



D. Planning: Manage time and territory effectively.


1. Work with District Manager and Operations Managers to identify revenue streams in assigned accounts.

2. Sales Activity Reports- Prepare sales activity reports accurately and meet deadlines as appropriate.

3. Account Paperwork - Prepare all new account and add-on paperwork quickly and precisely (including inventories and diagrams) to ensure world class customer experiences.

4. Leads- Generate leads and referrals to the level outlined by manager.




A. Communication


1. Listening- Extract information from conversations.2. Oral Communications- Effective expression in individual or group situations (includes gestures and non-verbal communication).

3. Communication with sales design consultants, district service colleagues, and local pest control districts will be an integral part for cross market opportunities.


B. Interpersonal/Sales Traits '


1. Empathy- Act with consideration of the feelings and thoughts of prospects, customers and other colleagues.

2. Tenacity- Stay with a sales plan until the objectives are achieved or are no longer reasonably obtainable.

3. Persuasiveness- Gain agreement and acceptance of ideas, plans, activities and recommendations.

4. Impact- Create a good first impression, confidence, and command respect.

5. Enthusiasm- Display genuine interest, excitement and eagerness toward career, company and prospects.

6. Behavioral Flexibility- Demonstrate versatility in behavior to reach goals. 7. Adaptability- Effective in various environments and situations and with various personality styles.

8. Resilience- Handle disappointment/rejection professionally to stay effective.

9. Initiative- Is a self-starter. Take action to achieve goals beyond what is necessarily called for. C. Job Fit


1.Self-Reliance- Cope well in competitive sales situations with little supervision.

2. Character- Operate within the character of our company (Values, Mission Statement and Business Philosophy).

3. Enthusiasm- Motivated by selling (interested, enthusiastic and committed to the sales function).

4. Professionalism- Competent and consistent Sales Representative; good at the job and knows why.


E. Compatible with Rentokil Culture and Values